Holy missing years batman

holy crap it been like 2 years since i posted anything.

we moved again.

kids are growing up still.

im still making videos click the youtube link above.

ill work on making more posts but i dont promise.

til next time


just a selfie 


We moved

relocated to beautiful kentucky 


Wow been a long time since i posted

well we had the baby early on sept 16th. she is doing perfectly fine. got partnered and am still making videos. will update more later


later today will be uploading a live commentary with pink dragon on nuketown zombies.

also spending lots of time in the hospital with my wife. will be having a baby soon. baby is 27 weeks and counting. hopefully she stays in as long as she can.

will update more in a commentary later this week.

Wanna do a Q&A Leave Comments in description

That’s right folks I am planning a q and a series for youtube. comments in the description of this video OR on twitter will be used in the videos.

No holds barred on questions I will pick from them best i can and answer them honestly.

Lets get the Facebook page some likes.


Lets get this page some likes shall we. just send this link to all your friends and get them to like the page. maybe we will do a give away when we get some big numbers on the likes. check back at http://www.tamzap.com for information on that k thanks and good night

Site Update

Tamzap site updated with twitter feed youtube facebook integration and podcasts coming soon. this is starting to get fun yall.

XDG ObiWanGeobi Blog going live

Thats right ladies and gentlenoobs, we are going live right now with the new site dedicated to everything ObiWanGeobi.

I will be attempting to keep up with this one site as much as possible. Please note that I am a father of 5.5 kids and married. So time is limited. Please check out the pages we have available and look come back often as you never know when I might get the itch to live stream.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I get to see you soon.