Getting back on the horse

Its May. My last post was in February. Apparently I went a little depressed/manic and nearly gave up on this whole content creation thing. Then I felt the itch like I always do. So here I am. In May.

May is nearly half way over and I have streamed 1 time. But that is ok. That is fine. Its time to dust myself off and climb back on the horse. Time to make time. I am tired most days. I am bored the rest of them. So if I can kick myself into gear I can do this. I am not going to make any promises because i always break them. Here is what i will say.

2-3 days a week is alot for me right now. I am going to push for 1 day a week. preferably on a day that i dont have alot going on in my life and try to make time to stream. who knows maybe it will work out for me this time. im positive in my attitude so lets give it a go. check the home page for the day i ultimately pick for my streams.


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