About WeeObi

Hi there. I am WeeObi. But who or what is a weeobi? Let us try to come to a clear understanding of what and who I am.

I go by many names. Family and old friends might call me Tad. Some people call me Paul while others call me David. My name is Paul.

Many years ago I picked my online name as Malachi but that quickly changed to geopbyte, geo for short. Then a friend came along and started calling me Obiwangeobi. and the name stuck. I was really good at explaining programming to others. After starting to play online games with others obiwangeobi was a little hard to spit out so it was shortened to just obi.

Then I met the crazy Irish family. They were and still are to this day the most fun group of people I have played games with. and as a joke one day I changed my online name for my accounts to weeobi to match all the family. surprise to me they accepted it and it stuck.

so you are welcome to pick whatever you want to call me. names don’t matter to me as long as I know your message for me is for me.

So now you know my name. but who am I. what am I.

I am a 37 year old dad. I have 6 absolutely amazing children. we are a mixed family but that means nothing in my eyes as any child you choose to love is your child regardless of the blood connection. So. Lets meet my kids huh.

Zachary is the oldest 24 with a girlfriend and 4 kids. kya aiden Isaiah and paisley
Andrew is the youngest boy 21 with a girlfriend and 2 kids. jace and sammy
Tersia is the oldest girl 14
Sean is 12 by the time anyone sees this just a couple more days
Charli is 10
Brystal is 7

I am by no means the best father. no where near it. i am however very proud of all my kids and happy that I am their dad.

What you probably see here is that the oldest kids are a little too old for them to by my biological children. This is where the next aspect of my life comes in. Im married.

I married Michelle in 2007. She is 44. Funny story. The first thing she thought of me and she expressed that thought was that i was an asshole. one day ill tell the story if someone asks. lol.

So this will be our 14th year of marriage. and boy has it been a wild ride.

So now you know my name and a little bit about my life. but paul where are you from. lol ok ok lets talk about that now.

I was born in South Carolina, and honestly spent more of my childhood there than anywhere else BUT and that’s a big but i call kentucky home. always have and always will. it is the second place in the world that i feel comfortable. the first being Pier 14 in Myrtle Beach.

So I currently live in Louisville Kentucky. but home is Catlettsburg. Super small town hills and poor people who actually care about each other.

There you know my name a bit about me and where I’m from. What else can i tell you that you need to know. OH while i don’t always have the cleanest mouth when i talk. yes i curse ALOT. i am a Christian. well let me elaborate on that. I am sure of my belief that there is 1 god. and jesus is his son. jesus died for my sins. and is the only way to heaven. as for the potty mouth its my personal belief that words are words and its your actions and not your words that give your weight value.

ok so you know my name some details about me and where i am from and my personal belief system. yay. but why would an old married Christian father want to play video games and stream online?

cause its fun. i am a schizophrenic introvert. games and music keep my brain busy so i don’t focus on the negative symptoms. and i get to force myself to meet new people. so there. streaming is my personal therapy. thank you for being my therapist lol.

ill get some pictures to post here soon but the bitmoji is pretty close to my actual appearance.

thanks for stopping by. enjoy the rest of your day.